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Beyond Rome

R o m a a s t r i c h t

European road of American constriction... a man's fate?    How to escape the Silent war of La Condition Americaine?

The abusive nomadic frame of the wasteful American plug-in society endangers European framed nomads.                         Liquid City Architects   opposes further abuse of capital  forming functions where the form and context merely serves more profit for the few and puts responsible sustainable development largely at risk: the technology assessment of after-market damages and costs only pile up management failures and more of the same structural error never detected. A global code of conduct concerning public governance and services might soon have to follow new financial markets' oversight and control initiatives like the international accounting standard. The slow state will be forced to follow suit to financial markets needs provoked by the same state's lazyness and ignorance caused by the easy money syndrom of the P3 doctrine.


Irresponsible authority following Europe's Sale and Submission to U.S. energy fundamentalism and extremism. video 


 :++  State-corporate crime



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