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Budget & Credit Crime

 budget&credit Crime   

 Moral fallout = Credit bailout


On irresponsible and nonsustainable private landscaping of the public domain and global financial architecture versus state-failure and nation deceit:

Costs & harm of the endemic American P3-doctrine in need of a budget-credit workout countering State-corporate crime, the Incorporated governance ( paradigm hidden by the public press under private pressure: regulators and lawmakers just following and lobbyed into the investors' tracks are the main threat for a sustainable democratic process and responsible progress. 

no crook left alone!   :++  


The Big Threat: Alan Greenspan

'The Age of Turbulence'  by Alan Greenspan:

The global Fed-led and SEC-Fed problem of social demise of the U.S. home-grown housing bubble disaster sustaining the greed machine with low interest rates and obscured overview linked to misleading, abusive and authoritative default-management of government: the globe's markets' consolidation misheap and underestimated eastern dedication and conviction to/of soul and spirit alike.

Merging powers of energy-titans that dwarf American standards and play around with U.S. influence and pressure.

Just don't believe how cheaply financed industrial abusive conduct within the global financial markets is coming to an end and will disclose subprime-loans crime and structural high treason of heads of state.

This is the darkest page on this portal revealing the globe's dark spots soon - while unravelling the P3-doctrine loud and clear:


#Magma Charta 

the c h a r t e d  groupoid Charter of global core energy solutions M,* or #M under
















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