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US dead-end diplomacy


New levels of arrogance preventing to realign the American dots of global industrial dominance? How to get a certain mr. Cheney back in line and out of our way? Is a drifting US fourth branch a global threat?

Can American efforts hide the urge for European action to reestablish transatlantic mutual understanding based on proper, transparent debate?


Too late to boogie and/or unprepared for the undetected but silently developing nightmare of flat-out disaster? Current tanked thinking based on enduring myths don't prevent us from seeing and comprehending that the US secedes from reality, legal standing and global influence by delaying execution, proper conduct and responsible measures. Our American friends need help urgently because their people, land and nation is going to be lost due to information paranoia. Don't keep on dreaming until you're really...

J U S T   L O S T            high treason and supreme crime never brought anything good  


the world needs creative ideas and execution, no fake dreams


the haute finance of 100% transparent communication and information: fact and foreknowledge-based high technology:

Cheney = Oil  & Gasunie = Terror   

US outsmarted by one man:

US & friends' Big Mouths started losing from 2000:

Dell - Enron - Rumsfeld - Wolfowitz - Cheney - Halliburton - Bush - Bechtel - Exxonmobil - Shell - Blair - Gasunie - dollar/euro - oil/gas... tangle

US corporate aggression and sluggish, arrogant & ignorant authority outsmarted by one man's swift journalism from the old world pointing at the fundamental root cause of evil and global the core problem of economic fundamentalism: the U.S. is losing out cheap for want of the last nail. The global supply and command paradigm holds no standing anymore. Get real and enjoy now while you're at it! The dream is over, because shame & scandal cry for reform: real progress and fundamental change of the world-wide system of profit and greed.

compare feats on fixing the global system and why & how Europe wins:

1. Tychon versus Dell

2. Enwrong trial

3. Casus Europae

4. Global Greed Paper




8. Gasgate 1963

9. Oil & Gasunie



global energy supply change  Climate Warning!

Why is the easy money drift becoming an American Nightmare in the first place?

Because of the addiction to the global cheapoil supply chain of energy fundamentals and unreal confidence in state responsibility that silently seceded to corporate pressure defining the global financial architecture and the bourses' greed climate sustained by the judicial claim culture and diplomatic criminal networks.

Dream on..., the pace, scope and scale of scandal, shame and reform will eventually advance, but still your life and hope will be seized and captured by the happy few. The American dream is like a broken chain beyond repair.

The only escape you probably forgot or neglected:

Do it up - wear it out - use it down....  or do without

A New-England saying worth reintrodcing and embracing by people who feel self-respect can be shared!

reference on U.S. Modular Totalitarism:

 :++  State-corporate crime

Inside the Enron Trial   click blue link above & mark second slide!


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