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Who controls innovation


On IP theft, captured freedom and seized development:

Regarding energy security strategy and climate change avoidance, the Bush administration imposes a global think-frame just focusing on future technology solutions and controlled innovation development without learning from historic mistakes and previous intelligence or undetected supreme wisdom. The era of excess and greed-technology continues to prevent access and meaningful participation for individuals who made real progress and change work in the past. What we need is a global energy transition from oil to gas to secure equal founding principles for east and west without protectionist measures and with a fair competition framework. Transatlantic unbundling involves a single European market where our eastern neighbours take part as our equals without the interference of U.S. power that has no business here. We already are a natural-gas economy and the U.S. is just trailing and dragging the global financial architecture, being a threat for world stability.

It is time for Europe to unite and act accordingly: get rid of the U.S. sub-frame crisis before it grows to a global Krach with unparalelled damages and costs beyond repair.

The full exposure of consequences of true evil, the evident imoral and irresponsible behaviour we all experience now should make people aware enough to vote for real change after they will get informed.

This process is ongoing and progressing thanks to the obvious lies and treason of the Bush administration.

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