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    10 months ago: Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, and the Netherland's Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, left, enter a hall for a signing of documents ceremony in the Moscow Kremlin, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2007, with Dutch gas company Nederlandse Gasunie NV President Marcel Kramer, right, in the background. Russian and Dutch officials signed an agreement Tuesday to include Dutch gas giant Nederlandse Gasunie NV in the Baltic Sea pipeline designed to bypass several European countries and ship Russian gas directly to Germany. 

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    Union towards Unity

    The right to know: the knowledge for wider European understanding of the post-war period presumes a broader recognized and fundamental lack of overview which should be based on superior wisdom and is ubiquitously dragging legislative supremacy to the brink. Participative and representative functions of the democratic process within the institutional methods of procedure are structurally endangered by politics of prescience economy, public ignorance, private arrogance and the covert engineering of economic fundamentalism: international industrial -technology based- abusive conduct facilitated by national jurisdictions of failing and imploding states. The main reason for a perceived lack of Unity in the European Union is defined by many as the democratic deficit. More recently, arguments about the underlying parliamentary deficit are raising questions concerning the effectivenes, transparency and openness of the international discourse. Interaction between individuals, markets and institutions become widely discussed. Compare the Nobel Prize in economics, 2007. The inherently scientized workings of asymmetric information and communication paradigms within the Global Community should be redressed as soon as possible. the Morse Code might be digitalized, but the critical energy fundamentals have taken the wrong course.

    European position
    Since World War II there was only one real global change: the energy transition from coal to natural gas of 1963. The founding of the N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie represented the European groundwork for her global dimension of economic energy-fundamentals coupled with the international Bretton Woods system of July 1944. A system of international monetary management establishing the rules for commercial and financial relations among the world's industrial states, we now all have to live by.

    Great Suppression
    The oil and gas situation threatening world stability -recently described by Lee Raymond's energy commission of the National Petroleum Council in the July 18, 2007 report Facing the Hard Truth About Energy, and being the globally imposed architectural mainframe for the financial markets, energy fundamentals like the linked oil and gas pricing, widely determine risk and security management derived from the pressure of the world's largest public-private partnership P3 between ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell and the Dutch government, Gasunie. Long-term pipeline lock-in contracts governed by the U.S. economic primacy virtually represent the European constriction by American industrial abusive components supported by the administration, although off- balance sheet and without the usual checks and balances. Compare , key document of the American contract with Europe, 1963.

    World in transition
    Energy transition being locked-in by multinational contracts is the key function for sustainable globalization and responsible development.

    World out of balance
    The global public-private gap of social-economic instability is of major corporate concern and significance , surpringly swiftly claimed by the largest global players outpacing whatever jurisdiction.

    Global change
    Real global change for effective competition and innovation, sustainable growth, progress and responsible conduct can only be induced by the power of principles layed down in a code of conduct for ethical business behaviour combined with the necessary integrity for good governance. The growing discourse about the hazards of moral fallout related to good institutional governance and corporate transparency is about to settle in people's mind and a sound reason for better explanation so knowledge can be the base for -mutual- understanding in order to be able to counterbalance the risks of foreknowledge as the faculty of prospect, insider trading accounting scandals and credit-linked budget crime or State-corporate crime.

    World stability
    Atlantic unbundling energy pricing and monetary conditions would be the only Grand Strategy to follow and solve the American problem adequatly. Unpegging the euro from the U.S. dollar is all the more important now while sovereign wealth funds of emerging economies become overwhelmingly influential.  





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