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10 months ago: Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, and the Netherland's Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, left, enter a hall for a signing of documents ceremony in the Moscow Kremlin, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2007, with Dutch gas company Nederlandse Gasunie NV President Marcel Kramer, right, in the background. Russian and Dutch officials signed an agreement Tuesday to include Dutch gas giant Nederlandse Gasunie NV in the Baltic Sea pipeline designed to bypass several European countries and ship Russian gas directly to Germany.

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by accountinggal[/i]
    [br]haha, ok, you'll first note that these are allegations and if you'd ever get involved in the inner workings of any major corporation, you'd see such allegations constantly because it's how the world works:

    * Global Warming: The World's COMPLEXXON/Gasgate 1963, post-war seizure of the European public sector by means of technology advantage ('pipeline lock-ins') and abusive conduct / industrial dominance in the energy-sector: the Public-Private Partnership 'Gasunie'
    [b]I don't know much about this, but I don't see how locking in pipelines has anything to with global warming. There is nothing wrong with dominance of a certain sector in particular areas, however, and it's pretty common, especially in the oil industry, given the way that pipelines work and access to oil and such.[/b]

    * Intentional negligence and indifference to the environmental consequences of the Valdez disaster;
    [b]If I remember correctly, Exxon paid huge reparations for this.[/b]

    * Underfunding its pension plan, although Exxon Mobil currently has enough cash on hand to fund the difference several times over.
    [b]This one is my favorite. As someone who has audited many pension plans, there are soooo many regulations surrounding the funding of pension plans. I'm not sure who accused them of such, but trust me, if they were actually underfunding it, it wouldn't be for long. It also makes no difference how much cash they have on hand, that's not what determines the amount of funding necessary.[/b]

    * Price gouging in the United States at a retail level;
    [b]Again, accusations that probably hold some weight, but prices are typically set at the local level and many people file price gouging suits in an attempt to fight against the "big man." They have high enough margins that price gouging is not necessary, usually it would be a local gas station that wants to make a bit more and a corrupt manager at each, not the company as a whole.[/b]

    * Indifference to the needs of homosexual employees -- domestic partner benefits were ended following Mobil's merger with Exxon. Mobil employees who already had domestic partner benefits were allowed to keep them, but other employees could not add their domestic partners to the benefit plans after the merger. ExxonMobil does offer domestic partner benefits in countries where same-sex marriage is legal.
    [b]This is very common. It also doesn't apply only to same-sex couples but cohabitating ones as well. Note the last sentence also, they offer it where same-sex marriage is legal.[/b]

    Ugh, I'll do the rest later. But I'll remind you that accusations aren't necessarily evidence and when you're a worldwide corporation with thousands of employees, there are going to be instances of dishonesty or corruption. You can't attribute that to the entire company.


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