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Omgeo’s Lind Talks About Allustra Deal, Lehman (VIDEO)
Wall Street & Technology, NY - Sep 16, 2008
This is a public forum. CMP Media and its affiliates are not responsible for and do not control what is posted herein. CMP Media makes no warranties or ...


Feature: Wall Street at crossroads
Xinhua, China - 15 hours ago
Scratching on the notepad, clicking on the shutter or setting up video camera, everyone's got their lips locked while their eyes fixed on the entrance of ...
Eyes on the Fed
Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News Seeking Alpha
Lehman, Merrill Sink Futures
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A House Marked by 8 Years of Local Financial Change Now Falls Into ...
New York Times, United States - 11 hours ago
Until this week, that 32-story structure, whose lower floor exteriors are wrapped in video screens, has been the world headquarters of the Lehman Brothers ...

ABC News

Why the Fed saved AIG, dumped Lehman
Commodity Online, India - Sep 17, 2008
Yesterday, we received a video rebuttal from CPM Group New York. We have posted it in this section (see below) as well as on - You might ...

Video: Money Minute: Wall Street, Dell, Oil AssociatedPress

Central Banks Respond to Crisis Council on Foreign Relations
AP Top News at 11:54 am EDT Insurance News Net (press release)
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Wall Street Media Presents an Exclusive Video from the Wachovia ...
WELT ONLINE, Germany - 15 hours ago
Wall Street Media presents an exclusive video of Rich Gordon, Fixed Income Market Strategist of Wachovia Corporation, (NYSE: WB), discussing the effects of ...
Wall Street Media Presents an Exclusive Video from the Wachovia ... Trading Markets (press release)
Wall Street Media Presents an Exclusive Video from the Wachovia ... MarketWatch
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PwC says to pay Lehman London staff by month-end, UK - 22 hours ago
... and Steven Pearson said in a recorded video briefing on the internet. Lehman Brothers International (Europe) is the European unit of Lehman Brothers, ...LEH

Washington Post

Americans Rattled by Lehman, Unsure It Affects Them (Update1)
Bloomberg - Sep 16, 2008
Referring to the Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. video game, he said, ``I mean, `Grand Theft Auto' did half a billion in seven days. ...

Video: Lehman, Lynch Shake Up Market CBS

AP Executive Morning Briefing The Associated Press
A Payments Conference where No One is Talking About Payments Wall Street & Technology
MyFox Birmingham - KHAS-TV
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PhillyDeals: Congress finally starts talking of solutions
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA - 7 hours ago
Hard-pressed consumers aren't likely to give up their Internet, video or phone before other expenses. It's probably cheaper than going out. ...

Public sector banks have no exposure to Lehman Bros: FM, India - 6 hours ago
Also see the accompanying video. Our banking system is reasonably insulated from what is happening in the rest of the world. However, if there is a credit ...PINK:LBHYZ - LEH-P - BOM:532814

Washington Post

Video: The Birth of the Bailout Culture
MarketWatch - Sep 11, 2008
Message to Dick Fuld, Lehman's chief executive: The strategic mistake of negotiating now and not two weeks before the window closes is not lost on potential ...

Video: Ike Threatens Wall of Water Toward Houston AssociatedPress

Feds, Wall Street race to try to save Lehman WOKV
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Confidence crunch hurts big firms

Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs have better leverage


Published: Tuesday, September 16

It's getting lonely on Wall St. Bear Stearns melted down in March and has disappeared inside JPMorgan Chase & Co., Merrill Lynch absorbed more than $40 billion in write-downs and rushed into the arms of Bank of America, and Lehman Brothers is being sold for scrap after it declared bankruptcy yesterday.

Now investors and analysts worry whether even the largest securities firms, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley, may be vulnerable as markets lose confidence in the financial foundations on which investment banks are built.

"If you accept that the broker-dealer model is broken - for now at least - it does reasonably lead you to question whether Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley can survive. ... Going out to the market, borrowing money and leveraging up is over. Down the road, they'll all be owned by banks."

Lehman Brothers employee Jennifer Roeder writes a message on a portrait of chief executive Richard Fuld in New York yesterday.

Lehman Brothers employee Jennifer Roeder writes a message on a portrait of chief executive Richard Fuld in New York yesterday.


Overnight, investors began to pay close attention to leverage, which helps measure how much debt firms use to increase their trading bets, the quality of assets on the balance sheet and the sources of funds used to keep the firms running.

Even after shedding big parts of its mortgage book during the second and third quarter, Lehman still held roughly $80 billion in hard-to-sell property assets that have been falling in value. Gross leverage remained lofty, with total assets that were 21.1 times the size of its stockholders' equity.

In this more hostile environment, where investors will punish companies seemingly flush with cash and capital, Goldman and Morgan Stanley may also feel pressure to merge with a big deposit-rich bank.

Most analysts and investors stress they do not expect Goldman and Morgan to melt down.

UBS analyst Glenn Schorr said Goldman and Morgan have less concentrated risk positions than Lehman or Merrill, relative to their equity; deeper pools of ready cash and more reliable sources of funding. Goldman and Morgan also have valuable asset management and private wealth advisory businesses.

Lehman for example held risky "problem" assets that were 4 times the size of its tangible equity, Schorr said. Morgan Stanley's risk asset ratio was 1.7 times equity and Goldman's ratio was closer to 1.4 times equity, by comparison.











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