Many believe  globalism to be due to the ignorance of naïve people.
The historical truth is that cynical masterminds and wirepullers know extremely well what misery they are hatching: At
first they divided Europe into stable, purely national states after WW2 through comprehensive ethnical purges.  And now they are destroying this stability  through the most destabilizing ideology of our time: Islam !

In the following this is clearly stated by the New World Order itself:

Here is, what JERRY Z. MULLER, Professor of History at the Catholic University of America, has to say about the nation state and "Us and Them ”.
Notice where he writes it: In the  Foreign Affairs´ March/April issue 2008, organ of "the invisible government of the USA" and one of the New World Order´s most influential assemblies: The
US Council on Foreign Relations.

" But if ethnonationalism has frequently led to tension and conflict, it has also proved to be a source of cohesion and stability. 
One could argue that Europe has been so harmonious since World War II not because of the failure of ethnic nationalism but because of its success, which removed some of the greatest sources of conflict both within and between countries.










The New World Order (NWO) recognizes the nation state to warrant stability: Soldiers here escorting expelled Serbs from Kosovo, its death and destruction (video) in NATOs ethnic cleansing in favour of the Muslims. In 1990´s the Serbs tried to cleanse Bosnia and Kosovo of Muslims, due to a century-old hatred because of Muslim Jihad-terror - accentuated by Grand Mufti Al Husseini´s Nazi Handshar Division during WW2. Seeing how impossible it is for Christians and Muslims to live in the same land, why does the NWO want to destabilize the rest of Europe by massive import of Muslims?

"Whereas in 1900 there were many states in Europe without a single overwhelmingly dominant nationality, by 2007 there were only two, and one of those, Belgium, is close to breaking up.  European stability during the Cold War era was in fact due partly to the widespread fulfillment of the purging ethnonationalist project. And since the end of the Cold War, ethnonationalism has continued to reshape European borders

“Ethnic nationalism was no accidental mistake in history: It corresponds to some lasting propensities of the human spirit  which are lifted in the creation of the modern state, it is a decisive source for both solidarity and enmity. And in some form or another it will last for many generations to come.
But if there is a connection between ethnic homogeneity and the willingness of the population to support generous programmes of redistribution of income the encouragement to a more inhomogeneous society may, in the end, undermine the broader agenda of the leftists

Should Muslim immigrants not assimilate and instead develop a strong communal identification along religious lines, one consequence might be a resurgence of traditional ethnonational identities in some states – or the development of a new European identity defined partly in contradistinction to Islam (with the widespread resistance to the extension of full EU membership to Turkey being a possible harbinger of such a shift).

Partition may thus be the most humane lasting solution to such intense communal conflicts. It inevitably creates new flows of refugees. The challenge for the international community in such cases is to separate communities in the most humane manner possible…. by aiding in transport, assuring citizenship rights in the new homeland, and providing financial aid for resettlement and economic absorption.
The bill for all of this will be huge." 

Was this intended by the Globalist EU-founders? For this is also grist for their mill!

Whether politically correct or not, ethnonationalism will continue to shape the world in the twenty-first century.

The range of this  cognition is alarming.

Ethnonationalism draws much of its emotive power from the notion that the members of a nation are part of an extended family, ultimately united by ties of blood. It is the subjective belief in the reality of a common "we" that counts. Belief is that nations exist, that each nation ought to have its own state, and that each state should be made up of the members of a single nation.
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The empires of the past

 Each of these empires (Roman, Austrian, Soviet  - even the USA to some extent etc.) was composed of numerous ethnic groups. The governing monarchy and landed nobility often differed in language and ethnic origin from the urbanized trading class, whose members in turn usually differed in  ethnicity, and often religion from the peasantry.
Until the rise of modern nationalism, all of this seemed quite unproblematic.
Comment: The term "unproblematic" is in fact problematic: Jews were always disliked and persecuted. Also great problems existed between Christians and and Muslims as well as between whites and coloured peoples etc..

Most people at most times have lived in empires, with the nation-state the exception rather than the rule. So what triggered the change?
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Cause of the rise of the national state
Military competition between states created a demand for expanded state resources and hence continual economic growth. Economic growth, in turn, depended on mass literacy and easy communication, spurring policies to promote education and a common language — which led directly to conflicts over language and communal opportunities.

Roots of nationalism
Woodrow Wilson did more than signing the US Federal Reserve System in 1913. His 14 points contained demands for a post WW1 division of Europe by ethnonational lines

As people moved into cities and got more education during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, ethnic groups with largely peasant backgrounds, such as the Czechs, the Poles, the Slovaks, and the Ukrainians found that key positions in the government and the economy were already occupied — often by ethnic Armenians, Germans, Greeks, or Jews. Speakers of the same language came to share a sense that they belonged together and to define themselves in contrast to other communities. And eventually they came to demand a nation state of their own, in which they would be the masters, dominating politics, staffing the civil service, and controlling commerce.
The inferior races are exterminated,  reduced to servitude, or outlawed, or put in a condition of dependence.. Voluntary emigration (often motivated by governmental discrimination against minority ethnicities) to forced deportation (also known as "population transfer") to genocide ensued.
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National states consolidated by WW2 victors
Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin all concluded that the expulsion of ethnic Germans from non-German countries was a prerequisite to a stable postwar order. As Churchill put it in a speech to the British parliament in December 1944, "Expulsion is the method which, so far as we have been able to see, will be the most satisfactory and lasting. There will be no mixture of populations to cause endless trouble. . . . A clean sweep will be made. I am not alarmed at the prospect of the disentanglement of population, nor am I alarmed by these large transferences."

Between 1944 and 1945, five million ethnic Germans from the eastern parts of the German Reich fled westward to escape the conquering Red Army,
which was energetically raping and massacring its way to Berlin. Then, between 1945 and 1947, the new postliberation regimes in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Yugoslavia expelled another seven million Germans in response to their collaboration with the Nazis.


















From the Exodus - Jewish refugees from Europe to Palestine, where they founded an ethnic Jewish state.

The handful of Jews who survived WW2 met with so much anti-Semitism that most chose to leave for good. About 220,000 of them made their way into the American-occupied zone of Germany, from which most eventually went to Israel or the United States. Jews thus essentially vanished from central and eastern Europe, which had been the center of Jewish life since the sixteenth century.

Millions of refugees from other ethnic groups were also evicted from their homes and resettled after the war. This was due partly to the fact that the borders of the Soviet Union had moved westward, into what had once been Poland, while the borders of Poland also moved westward, into what had once been Germany. To make populations correspond to the new borders, 1.5 million Poles living in areas that were now part of the Soviet Union were deported to Poland, and 500,000 ethnic Ukrainians who had been living in Poland were sent to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. Yet another exchange of populations took place between Czechoslovakia and Hungary, with Slovaks transferred out of Hungary and Magyars sent away from Czechoslovakia.

After the fall of communism, East and West Germany were unified with remarkable rapidity,
Czechoslovakia  broke peacefully up into the Czech and the Slovakian Republics,

and the Soviet Union broke apart into a variety of different national units. Since then, ethnic Russian minorities in many of the post-Soviet states have gradually immigrated to Russia, Magyars in Romania have moved to Hungary, and the few remaining ethnic Germans in Russia have largely gone to Germany. A million people of Jewish origin from the former Soviet Union have made their way to Israel. Yugoslavia saw the secession of Croatia and Slovenia and then descended into ethnonational wars over Bosnia and Kosovo.

For much of the developing world, decolonization has meant ethnic disaggregation through the exchange or expulsion of local minorities.The end of the British Raj in 1947 brought about the partition of the subcontinent into India and Pakistan,
In the former British mandate of Palestine, regions that fell under Arab control were cleansed of their Jewish populations, and Arabs fled or were forced out of areas that came under Jewish control

As a result of this massive process of ethnic unmixing, the ethnonationalist ideal was largely realized
For the most part, each nation in Europe had its own state, and each state was made up almost exclusively of a single ethnic nationality. 
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Denmark has been a national state for more than 1000 years. Here is the large Stone of Jelling, the certificate of baptism of Denmark from about 965 A.D. - here repainted.
Only Danish politicians are ready to give our  national identity up. The people is not - but does not know they are being robbed of it by stealth: This national identity has spared us internal revolts since 1536 - but not wars with ambitious neighbours..

The fact that ethnic and state boundaries now largely coincide has meant that there are fewer disputes over borders or expatriate communities, leading to the most stable territorial configuration in European history."
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So  why do the globalists first create stable nation states at  huge sacrifices - just in order to break them down again?
"We must realize that our Party's most powerful weapon is racial tension. While enflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will instill in the Whites, a guilt complex for the exploitation of the Negroes." (Israel Cohen of the NWO Fabian Society: A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1913). The motto of the New World Order is "Order out of Chaos" by Fichte´s and Hegel´dialectics: Thesis (create problem, e.g. rebellion, terror) - antithesis (war against the problem) - synthesis (abolishing the thesis) - making the synthesis, i.e. a step towards the world state, a new thesis etc. i a chain of often bloody changes. This is not only a matter of Arab oil money bribery. It is intelligent ideology.